Thank you for helping our students!


During these times of need, Aloha Not Corona is helping students in two ways: 30 minute online sessions and an online forum (Piazza) for urgent questions.

How to tutor:

Fill out this form and start being matched with students in need of tutoring.
You will also be added to the forum as a TA who can answer student questions.

How to meet:

Once you are matched with a student, both of you will be sent a When2meet form where you can list your available times and find one that works well for both of you.

Session Timeline:

From when you receive a tutor request from,

Within 24 hours
Within 48 hours
Within one week
Accept or reject the meeting request
Fill out the When2meet form and choose a meeting time
Have your meeting!

Meeting guidelines:

Over Zoom, WebEx, or FaceTime, tutors are only expected to be present for one 30 minute block per student request. If needed, tutors can agree to additional sessions or longer meetings, but do not feel pressure to do so.

Forum Questions

You will be added to the Piazza forums for each of the subjects you are comfortable tutoring in. When you have free time, you can visit these forums and respond to urgent student questions.